I'm a sophomore at Harvard studying math. I grew up in 8 cities, London and Abu Dhabi chief amongst them.

Currently Reading: Infinite Jest, The Ascent of Money, The Stranger, 100 Best TV Commercials, Crime & Punishment.


I have been to school with sons of Guatemalan immigrants and Emirati oyster farmers, with the daughters of Indian cobblers and British royalty. Growing up, I moved from Kentucky to New York to Ohio, then to Delhi, Abu Dhabi, London, San Francisco, and Boston. I speak passable Hindi and French, and am trying to pick up Mandarin.

I spent the first two years of high school at Cranleigh, Abu Dhabi, and the second two at Westminster School, London. I took A-levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I spent a gap year in the Bay Area working as a software engineer, and am now studying some combination of math, statistics, economics and computer science at college.


I'm currently occupied mostly with schoolwork, but am using any free time to explore Boston and Cambridge on foot, especially the hidden cafés and libraries in the area. If you have any recommendations for out-of-the-way spots, drop me a note.


Though I came into college intent on a PhD in computer science followed by a career in technology, I am currently pretty enamored with economics and statistics, and am considering a career in the academy. I'd like to spend a few years in each of Shanghai, Paris, São Paulo and Sydney no matter how the next few decades play out.